AAFEA, Inc. was founded in February 2002 by a dedicated cadre of African American members of the Federal Senior Executive Service to promote the professional development and advancement of African Americans into and within the senior ranks of the United States Government. We sponsor programs and advocate policies that will enhance opportunities for African Americans to serve our nation in senior level positions. AAFEA also allies and partners with other senior level associations, public and private sector organizations and academia to leverage resources to develop intellectual capital to effectively execute the business of the federal government.


The AAFEA Fellows Program is a mentoring and training opportunity for qualified members of AAFEA who hold the ranks of GS-14 and GS-15 and have at least one year of supervisory experience. The Program offers individual mentoring, career counseling, networking opportunities and leadership workshops focused on SES preparation and ECQ submission.

The SES Coffee Talk is a small group discussion forum. Forum leaders provide personal insights into the journey to the SES and the executive responsibilities and challenges faced by established and newly minted members of the Senior Executive Service.

The Annual AAFEA Training Workshop focuses on the programs, policies, practices, and processes that promote career enhancing opportunities and the core subjects critical for becoming a member of the SES. This two-day event is designed for federal and military professionals with experience at the GS-13 and above level.

The Annual AAFEA Fall Social provides attendees with a unique opportunity to socialize and network with senior federal professionals.

For more information about any of these events, please contact us with your query.

AAFEA membership is open to active and retired federal employees in grades GS-13 through SES (or equivalent grades). AAFEA membership is also available to uniform members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines and Public Health in grade Major (or equivalent) and above.

Membership entitles you to participate in quarterly meetings, receive electronic copies of meeting minutes, request a mentor through the AAFEA Fellows Program, and apply for scholarship funding for career advancement.

Annual dues are $125.00 for members of the Senior Executive Service (SES) and $100.00 for all other grades.

Please review the Membership Application and contact us if you have any questions. If you are a ready to join or renew now, please CLICK HERE.
Joins the CFC AAFEA, Inc. is pleased to participate in the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). The Combined Federal Campaign runs from September 1st through December 15th, providing federal, postal, and military employees an opportunity to support AAFEA and other eligible nonprofits through workplace contributions.

We encourage our members and supporters to choose AAFEA as they consider the CFC list this year. The AAFEA CFC code is 43702.

Your support is used to provide scholarships, mentoring, and educational outreach programs for federal employees as well as working to increase senior level opportunities for federal employees. Last year we trained and mentored more than 200 federal employees and sponsored small group discussion forums where SES leaders provide personal insights into the journey to the SES and the executive responsibilities and challenges faced by established and newly minted members of the Senior Executive Service.

This year, AAFEA continued to collaborate with various federal agencies. A highlight was our partnership with the Department of Defense to provide high quality Federal Executive level webinar training, addressing challenges that adversely impact minority's matriculation into senior positions.

We need your support to continue this work. Please pass the word to all your Federal employee friends and encourage them to consider AAFEA, CFC Code 43702, as they make their CFC designations.

Thank you.

Board of Directors


2014 Workshop Sponsors


WAEPA: A non-profit association formed during World War II by Federal Employees, for Federal Employees. Life insurance for government employees and their families. Better Insurance. Better Prices. Better Value.

Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen: A leading provider of management consulting, technology, and engineering services in defense, intelligence, and civil markets, and to major corporations and not-for-profit organizations. Delivering value through innovation to solve the most complex challenges.

Careers In Transition

Careers In Transition: Providing performance management consulting by partnering with organizations on human capital solutions.

Harvard Kennedy School

Harvard Kennedy School: Offering university-based executive course work in public sector management and civic leadership for more than 40 years.

AAFEA, Inc. offers our deep thanks to our workshop sponsors.

Their support enables AAFEA to provide high quality executive training to federal employees, conduct free monthly "coffee talk" presentations, provide scholarships to federal employees and students interested in public service, recognize officials who support public employees, and allow AAFEA to collaborate with other organizations on issues affecting federal employees and the delivery of high quality service to the American public.